Patient Information

Medical Centre Hours:
8:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Thursday 8:30 am - 4:00 pm Friday

Closed Weekends & Public Holidays.


Consultations can be made by appointment. Patients presenting without an appointment will be fitted in at the earliest available time. Urgent medical matters will always be dealt with promptly. Please 'check in' with our friendly reception staff on arrival to avoid any unnecessary delay in the waiting room. If necessary please cancel appointments ahead of the allocated time.

Every effort is made to keep to appointment times but this can be difficult due to emergencies, walk-in patients or unexpected longer consultations. To help us schedule appropriately, please tell our reception staff if your consultation is likely to be long (e.g. Cervical Screening, Excisions, Skin Checks, Insurance Medicals).

Continuity of Care and doctor of your Choice:

We endeavour to help you see the doctor of your choice. All evidence suggests that communication between doctor and patient is improved when a good relationship exists between both parties. We recognise it is not always possible to see the same doctor, so our system of recording notes takes this into account.

Home Visits:

We do provide home visits for patients of the practice when necessary on request. It is usually better to attend the surgery as this is better equipped for examination and treatment.

After Hours:

After hours access is only available to patients of this practice. If you require URGENT medical attention after hours please phone "000" or attend Port Macquarie Base Hospital

The on-call after hours duty doctor is available to patients of our practice only and will be able to provide phone consultations by phone: 0402 896 337. Please note that a fee of $80 is applied to your account for phone consultations and cannot be bulk billed.

For free after hours phone advice you may also call Health Direct on 1800 022 222.

Telephone Calls:

Our doctors will take calls when time permits. If busy or involved with another patient, they may elect to call you back. The nurse can help to determine the urgency. Most problems are best dealt with in a consultation.


ECG, INR & BGL testing is available with the practice, along with pathology collection by Pathology North. Diagnostic Imaging such as MRI's, CT scans, X-rays and Ultrasounds are arranged with other third parties when needed.

Patient Test Results:

Patients are required to return for a consultation to obtain test results, preferably with the doctor who ordered the tests. If any results are abnormal and / or require urgent attention we will contact you. To facilitate this, please make sure the reception staff have your current phone number and address details when booking your appointment.

Patient Recall for Preventative Care:

To further improve our service to you, we have implemented a patient register for preventative health activities. This is a reminder/ recall system in which we will contact the patient either by phone or mail for a follow up of a preventative activity such as cervical screening, blood pressure checks, skins check etc. Our practice also takes part in state & territory registers which help work out who is due to be seen. The purpose of this register is purely as a service to patients from this practice and confidentiality is ensured at all times.

Chronic Disease Prevention:

We are committed to helping our patients prevent the development of, and manage, chronic disease. We encourage you to take advantage of the practice nurse and the time you spend with your doctor to have your modifiable lifestyle factors assessed.

Health Assessments:

For our patients over 75yrs we recommend a yearly health assessment which is a comprehensive review of a wide range of health issues. Home assessments can be arranged. Patients aged 45-49 yrs are also eligible & encouraged to have a detailed health check to help identify chronic diseases for which you may be at risk.

Transfer of Medical Records:

If you require a copy of your medical records to be transferred to another practice, please complete a records request form at the corresponding practice, only then can our practice send a health summary for free or a complete record for a fee up to $55.00.


It is a policy of the practice to cater for people with special needs & disabilities. If you are experiencing difficulties please approach our staff who will be willing to assist.

Billing Policy:

Bulk billing is available to all children under the age of 16, as well as holders of current pension, health care, and DVA Gold cards. This policy only applied to medical appointments.

To deliver and maintain the high quality of health care provided at our centre, we are unable to bulk bill patients without the above mentioned concession cards. In these instances payment is required at the time of consultation. We are able to submit to Medicare for fast rebate claiming.

For specific consultation fee information, please contact our reception staff.

Your Medical Information & Your Privacy:

Doctors at this practice use computerised medical records to record information, order tests, provide prescriptions and file specialists reports.

Our computers are password protected and backed up daily. All information at the practice is confidential. We follow the National Privacy Principles.

Hearing or Language Issues?:

To help our GPs ensure they fully understand the nature of their patient's problem and the patient to fully understand the outcome of their consultation we use an interpreter service where necessary.

Cultural Awareness:

We acknowledge the first people of Australia. Our practice is currently promoting the Close the Gap Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. To assist us with this government health initiative, and allow us to tailor your care, please tell the reception staff, nurse, or doctor if you identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander person.

Patient Rights & Feedback:

We recognise that patients have certain rights & we will endeavour to support these rights. If you are unhappy with any aspect of the services we provide to you, or you feel your rights are not supported, we would appreciate your comments. Your doctor, the practice manager, or the receptionist on duty are available to discuss any problems you may have. If you prefer an anonymous approach, there is a suggestion box located at the reception desk.

Should you wish to take any complaint further, you can contact:

The Health Care Complaints Commission of NSW.

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